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Marimba | Piano | Percussion

I offer music lessons for students of all ages. Along with private lessons, I have also taught clinics, masterclasses, and music ensembles since 2011. Some of my past students have placed in competitions (Southern California International Artist Competition), honor bands (SCSBOA and Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra), summer seminars (The Juilliard School), and college music programs (Manhattan School of Music, Rochester University, Pacific Lutheran University, Belmont University, UCLA, and CSULB). Along with auditions, competitions, and festival opportunities, my students have the option of performing in casual group settings and a yearly studio recital.

During the course of these music lessons, I train students to become technically proficient with their instrument, expand their knowledge through music theory, history, and ear training, and help develop their musicality through etudes, chamber music, and solos. I have found that students who take private lessons regularly end up better equipped to tackle all sorts of challenges and adopt creative methods in solving problems within or outside of music.

Here are some important questions to consider before starting music lessons:

1) What are my goals from taking private lessons?

2) Can I commit to practicing every day? 10-20 minutes for younger beginners, 20-60 mins for older or more advanced students, 90+ minutes for students pursuing a career in music performance?

3) Do I enjoy listening to music and attending live concerts? Am I open to performing in recitals and group performances?

Here are the music styles I teach for private lessons:

Western Classical music

New music

Popular music

Church hymns

Film and video game music

If you are interested in taking private lessons, please contact me through this page.

2014 Marimba Photoshoot

Piano Studio photo.jpg

2018 House Piano Recital

Christina is a very good teacher, and I really enjoy her style of teaching. When I first started learning with her, I did not have high expectations to what I will achieve. But in the years I learned with her, I continue to learn more and more from her. Not only on a musical level, but as a person as well. Something I really like about how Christina teaches is that she can teach students based on their likes and dislikes. For example, students can choose their own pieces they like and Christina can help students identify the techniques most important to that piece.

Miller, 15

I've been trying to learn music and different instruments for over a decade and reading music never really clicked with me. With Christina's teaching methods, I can finally read sheet music! She's very patient, but doesn't let me waste my own time. 10/10 would recommend for ANY level of experience.

Tyler, 28

Christina is a wonderful, gentle approach teacher. My son has been taking Marimba lessons for about 2 months now. He has mild autism and attention issues and her technique and kind and gentle character are wonderful! He’s learning so well, thanks to Christina!


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