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S e l e c t e d   W o r k s

S o l o

Keiko Abe

     Marimba d'amore


Robert Aldridge

     From My Little Island

          III: Dance of Passion

          V: Hymn

Christine Araoka

     Etude #1

     The Bee, the Flower, and the Hummingbird

Harold Arlen

     Over the Rainbow (arr. Robert Oetomo)

J. S. Bach

     Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major


     Cello Suite No. 3 in C Major

          Prelude, Allemande, Gigue

     Violin Sonata No. 1 in G Minor


     Violin Partita No. 2 in D Minor


Daniel deSimone

     *Natural Rebound for multi-percussion solo

Keeghan Fountain

     Back in Business

Evelyn Glennie

     Light in Darkness

     Little Prayer


George Frideric Handel

     **Largo from Xerxes


Fred Hersch

     Chorinho Picante     

Howard Hersh

     Run! (shorter version)          

Toshi Ichiyanagi

     The Source

Yoshiro Irino


Anna Ignatowicz


David Johnson

     *Carried by the Wind

Eckhard Kopetzki

     Three Movements for a Solo Dancer          

          II: Dance on a Shattered Mirror

Gene Koshinski


Paul Lansky


Christien Ledroit

     Night Chill (with electronics)

Albert Hay Malotte

     ***The Lord's Prayer

Anderson Matos

     *Peace in Ukraine

Takatsugu Muramatsu


John Newton and Chris Tomlin

     **Amazing Grace: My Chains are Gone


Johann Pachelbel

     Transformation of Pachelbel's "Canon" (arr. Nanae Mimura)


Eric Sammut



Emmanuel Sejourne




Leigh Howard Stevens

     Rhythmic Caprice

Gordon Stout

     Two Mexican Dances for Marimba

          Mvt II         


Andrew Thomas


          I: Beyond the Faint Edge of the World

          II: Time's Way


     ***Shenandoah (arr. Keith Jarrett)

Ivan Trevino



Derek Twyouniac

     Savino for marimba and audio playback

Eric Whitacre



Kosaku Yamada

     Red Dragonfly (arr. Fumito Nunoya)


Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic



D u o

Dusan Bogdanovic

     No Feathers on this Frog (arr. two marimbas)      

Owen Clayton Condon

     Double Helix (two marimbas)      

Claude Debussy

     Danse (arr. two marimbas by Nancy Zeltsman)


Howard Hersh

     Juke for two marimbas

Thomas Oboe Lee

     Eight Tarot Cards (two marimbas)      

          I: Il Saltimbanco

          II: La Papessa

Kristian de Leon

     Self Talk (for bass clarinet and marimba)      

          I: to the nines

          II: Inner Whispers

Daniel Levitan

     Marimba Four Hands

          I: In the Night Kitchen

          III: Snoozin' Down

          V: Goodnight Moon

Chase Morrin

     Silver Lining for marimba and piano

D. Riley Nicholson

     Imperfect Restfulness for marimba and piano

          I: Impulsive Vitality

          II: Unfinished Funeral

          III: Limited Insight

Astor Piazzolla

     **Adios Nonino and Libertango for marimba and cello

     Tango Suite for two marimbas (arr. Kevin Super)

          Mvt. II 


Steve Reich

     Nagoya Marimbas


Gordon Stout

     Skylark Orange Circles (two marimbas)


Andrew Thomas

     Three Transformations (two marimbas)

          I. Lord Cavendish Strikes the Right Note

          II. Pedro and Olga Learn to Dance

Ivan Trevino

     Chasing Shadows (two marimbas)    

     Into the Air (two marimbas)

David Vess

     *Concrete Sky/Shrine for marimba and bassoon

Alejandro Viñao

     Book of Grooves

          I. Spanish Groove


Ben Wahlund

     In the History of Man for marimba and drumset

Rihards Zalupe

     Dance for marimba and piano

updated: 5/2/22

*world premiere


***adapted for marimba

C o n c e r t o

Matthew Coley

     Rivers of Rage Concerto for Four Marimbas

          I. Devil's Throat

          II. Turbulence

          III. Caustic Erosion

Eckhard Kopetzki

     Marimba Splash for Two Marimbas


David Maslanka

     Arcadia II for Solo Marimba


Emmanuel Sejourne

     Concerto for Solo Marimba and Strings


Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic

     Uneven Souls for Solo Marimba and Percussion Ensemble       

M a l l e t   E n s e m b l e

Bill Alves



Bela Bartok

     String Quartet No. 2, Mvt II for marimba quartet          

Gavin Bryars

     One Last Bar then Joe Can Sing

Michael Burritt

     Marimba Quartet

Brett William Dietz

     The Principle of Vibration

          Mvt. IV

Russell du Plessis



Louis Moreau Gottschalk

     Celebre Tarantelle (arr. Matthew Coley)

Jennifer Higdon

     Splendid Wood


Billy Joel

     Root Beer Rag (arr. Jeff Calissi)

Scott Joplin

     Solace (arr. Steve Mathiesen)

Daniel Levitan

     Marimba Quartet

          Mvt. I

          Mvt. II


Lukas Ligeti

     Pattern Transformations

David Reeves

     Pieces of Eight


Steve Reich

     Mallet Quartet


Toru Takemitsu

     Rain Tree


Ivan Trevino


Frederick Weatherly

     Londonderry Air (arr. Mario Gaetano)


Nigel Westlake

     Omphalo Centric Lecture  

M i x e d  / P e r c u s s i o n   E n s e m b l e

Christopher Adler

     Signals Intelligence     

Christine Araoka

     *I Still Believe in Our City


Bob Becker



John Bergamo

     Foreign Objects

Paul Bissell

     The Three Hoaxes for marimba, cello, and clarinet

          I. Piltdown Man

          II. Cold Fusion

          III. Butthead Astronomer


Daniel deSimone

     Solo Quartet

Bela Fleck

     Big Country for percussion ensemble (arr. Olin Johannessen)

     UFO Tofu for percussion ensemble (arr. Tom Gierke)

David R. Gillingham

     Stained Glass

Jordan Kuspa

     *What Color is the Dawn? for soprano, chorus, and solo marimba

          II. Maputo

          III. One Night

          IV. One Last Sunrise

David MacBride


Gavin Marwick

     Balkan Red (arr. Jason Huxtable)  

Pat Metheny

     Minuano (arr. Bob Curnow)

Russell Peck

     Lift Off! 


Frederic Rzewski

     Coming Together


Stephen Whibley

     Espiritu Libre 

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